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我們的故事由香港開始。從這個令人自豪的地方開始。 本司為本港食品進口商之一,對於全球物料供應及採購網絡擁有豐富經驗,我們從不間斷地蒐羅來自世界各地優質食材,為本地客戶提供多元化的國際產品。 本司於食品餐飲物料供應方面擁有豐富經驗及並且擁有專業運輸團隊,為客戶提供一站式服務。 Our story begins in Hong Kong. Start from this proud place. Our company is one of the food importers in Hong Kong and has extensive experience in global material supply and procurement networks. We collecting high-quality ingredients from all over the world, to provide our local customers with diversified international products. The company has extensive experience in the supply of food and catering materials and has a professional transportation team to provide customers with one-stop service. 此網站由Gaa Chong Won Co所管理

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